Monday, April 7, 2008

Oregon Film Permit

As I was filming yesterday (Sunday) for my senior film, a handful of people stopped by to see what we were up to and I went and talked to them to let them know that it is a student film, etc. I wanted to make sure that local people and passer-byers knew what was going on and not call the troopers or someone else in authority and slow down our filming.

As I was finishing up filming a scene, I looked back to ask Nate a question and I saw this gentleman, wearing a columbia jacket, some sort of ball cap, and dark sunglasses; I could tell by his dress and the way he held himself he was someone of importance. I said "hi" and that I was going to finish this scene and I would chat with him.

I finished the scene and took this gentleman aside to tell him who I am and what we are up to; the rest of my crew and cast was not too far off (listening distance). He introduced himself as Michael and asked me if I had my Oregon film permit on me....I replied back with "Well this is private land and I didn't think I needed one." He told me that if you ever film in Oregon you have to have a film permit from the state and that since I didn't have one, it would be a $1000 fine!!!

When he asked me for the permit, everything inside me tensed up and my mind was filled with anger/upsetness but I decided that I wouldn't let it get to me. I said "What's another thousand dollars; the deed has already been done. I'm going to just finish up my last couple of scenes then get out." He told me that I couldn't and that I had to pack up; frustrated as I was (at myself) I told him that I'm already getting fined I might as well finish my scenes.

Michael then looked me in the eyes and said "Well luckily I was just joking with you." WHAT!! I looked at him and looked back at my crew/cast to see if they were playing a practical joke on me. I was SO confused! I then asked in a very serious voice, "So now you're going to tell me that, you were just joking about not being from the Oregon Film Department, and I am fined?" He said no, I was just messing with you.

I said the phrase that Andrew and Matt always want me to say; "Michael, can I call you Mike? You got me you sly dog." It took me about 10-15 minutes to get back to functioning mode and for me to stop saying to myself and Mike, "you got me."

I've never felt that tense in MY LIFE. Luckily it was a joke and we finished all of our shots and got out of there.

As we were leaving, I saw that Mike was still there, with his son, and I chatted with him about my film, NNU, and film jobs in general. His son just graduated from Chapman's film school and was out at the Cement Factory taking pictures. I shook his hand, thanked him for talking, and said "you got me, I can't believe how good you got me."

It took me about 2 hours to shake that tense feeling from my body; most tense I've ever felt.

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Karl said...

Well - that explains why you were drumming the steering wheel with your right hand for the whole drive back to Nampa!