Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Pandora...

These pics are from Friday and Saturday (Desert 1 & 2 and Postal Source locations). Enjoy.

This is our Desert 1 and 2 location. We setup the truck in its position and setup dolly track. This is out near Jump Creek (Marsing area). Great hiking out here.

Setting up dolly track.

Cork checking his audio levels as I talk through the lines and actions with Jeremiah and Katie.

Our second position on the dolly; basically we started at a wide shot and dollied into a close 2 shot.

Dollying in from afar.

Still dollying.

Jeremiah laughing and Becca doing the same in the background. They were great to work with.

This is our houses living room where I transformed it into Mr. Harris' house where Mr. M was rummaging through some stuff looking for Pandora's Box.

This is the "plate" where the camera attaches to the tripod; the rest is our house and our equipment. This was getting ready for our exterior shot of Mr. Harris' house.

Inside setting up the shot where Mr. M is going through books and what-not then the phone rings and he answers it. Karl does a great job acting creepy.

Karl on the phone, Adam manning the camera, and Jeremy checking focus in the ASC book.

A head turning picture; we're loading up to go to Postal Source Plus for the rest of the filming for the day. I just liked this pic.

Me talking with Jeremiah about what he is to be doing in the next scene.

The "back room" setup with lights and camera.

Another dolly setup at the "front desk" location at the postal store. We had to be real careful with our shadows to make sure the camera wasn't picking them up.

Leveling more track now outside of Postal Source. Becca and Seth, the characters, will run out and into Seth's truck to make a quick getaway.

Getting outta there!

There I am sitting on the ground as usual watching the monitor. I was comfortable.

Adam running through the dolly shot outside; making sure his framing is how I want it. Great cameraman!

Karl a.k.a. Mr. M. He was a great sport and kept us laughing the entire weekend.

Jenna looking "super happy" to be there. Jenna, Becca, Cassie, and Ian showed up for a little bit to see what was goin on. Glad they made it.

"Pandora's Box" slate. Just cool seeing official stuff like that with something I have created.

Mr. M after he chased down the truck; he was this close.

This is Katie, who plays Becca, laughing. She was fun to work with and always reminded me that I need to make sure that my actors aren't afraid of heights, could drive a stick shift, and something else but I forgot...

Yes, that's another dolly shot. This is one of the last shots we did that day.

What it looks like from way in the back.


Leo and Jen said...

Glad to see more pictures. We love seeing the whole process. Do you have your film yet? I'm sure you are anticipating it like no other. Excited to see it ourselves!

Becca said...

what's funny is that you named one of your characters Becca...


just sayin.

The Charles Family said...

thanks for keeping us updated on the films progress...can't wait to see the finished piece! also, looking forward to seeing you in a few more weeks!!