Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pandora's Box pics

These pictures are from Thursday and Sunday, I am in the process of getting the pics from Friday and Saturday. Enjoy.

Thursday location: Celebration Bridge area
The road we shot on for the night driving scene. We shot it from 4 different positions to sell it as a different road each time.

My friend Puffer's truck that we used. I am looking over my shots until the sun set enough for us to shoot.

Me visualizing the shot down the road.

The infamous cement factory towers. I just like this picture.

One of the many destroyed buildings at the cement factory.

Rodney, key rigger, was setting up a rope and harness for my talent, Katie (character: Becca), to climb up to the ladder on the silo.

Looking up.

The desert 3 location at cement factory. We are running through rehearsals.

Me giving instruction to (characters) Becca and Seth; Mr. M is my other talent behind me in the black.

Our craft services room which Katie and others cleaned up to make a great setup for our food and a place to get out of the wind/rain.

One of a handful of dolly shots. I wasn't planning on using a dolly out at the cement factory but the trailer I rented was HUGE and we had room so I am glad I did because we got some sweet shots! This is when Seth and Becca walk into the Paper Room.

One of my electrics, Troy, attempted to drive his truck up an embankment to drive our equipment around to save time and he almost made it until he started rolling back and his trailer hitch stuck into the road holding up his truck. We got it up there eventually but it was interesting.

A behind the scenes look at filming the Paper Room inside. Adam is on camera and Jeremy is my 1st AC (assistant cameraman). They were both so helpful and great.

Seth and Becca at first positions.

Karl, Mr. M, getting into character as a mysteriously creepy man. It was great; I would look around for him and he would pop up in random places looking very scary.

Adam and Jeremy waiting for power for the camera.

Lunch: hoagie sandwiches, carrots, chips, and moon pies or whatever. There is Katie preparing the food; she was so helpful.

This is me looking through our tap monitor; it sees what the camera sees but in black and white. So I would look through this and direct the camera to setup the perfect shot. I would normally just sit on the ground, it looked kinda funny.

Becca and Seth running away from Mr. M. This was a rehearsal for one of my shots. Love the building.

Katie climbing up the pipe to get to the ladder. She was a trooper.

This is our location for the top of the silo. I didn't feel comfortable getting people up to the top as well as camera equipment, just wasn't safe so we cheated it as they say in the industry. I just shot close up shots so we can't really tell that it isn't on top of something real high. This is where Becca drops the box down into the tower.

Adam getting the monitor up. Thank goodness for rope!

And finally me giving the "stunt double box" to Becca to drop. I didn't want the one that Jenny spent so much time on to get ruined or broken so I had her make a stunt double one to take the falls.


Becca D said...

Pretty cool :)

Leo and Jen said...

Can't wait to see the finished project and would love to see more pictures! Looks like an awesome location. How did you ever find it?! Can't wait to see you in May, hope the editing goes smooth... and we'll be able to go to your red carpet movie preview!

Karl said...

Great pics! I may steal a couple for my own blog! :)