Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rice Krispie Treats/Waterbaloons/Car Insurance/Phone Bills

I have my moments when I feel like an adult, getting my own insurance and phone plan, and then I feel like I'm still a kid, throwing water balloons at Main Eventers. I enjoy the balance.

I won't lie, but I was kinda dreading tonight, Saturday night, cause people have lives outside of our house. Andrew worked tonight, Matt and Joe V had the military banquet, Adam and Cassie went up to the hot springs, and Kyle was hanging out with his gf too.

I have no job, gf, or banquet to attend so I was nervous about what I was going to do. I planned on just staying in, being lame, and working on hw. Luckily Nate and Evan stopped by for a while and we watched videos on God Tube and then made some of our own. I then picked up Jenna, Kristin, and Andrea and we visited Andrew at Starbucks. It was a good time just chatting and enjoying the environment. We then drove home listening to some great music; we decided to just drive and listen to music for a bit.

I love just driving and listening to music; I haven't really done this in a long time. I then met up with Evan and we waterballooned Main Eventers; attempted to I should say. We had terrible aim and power. So we waterballooned some of our friends which was fun.

I then had to act a little more "mature" when we were hanging out with Jenna's folks. It was good just chillin and talking. Good times good times.

Then much later, Evan rolled into our casa and got Andrew and I to go out and throw waterballoons at kids some more; we got chased by security and had to hide out for a bit. We had a good night. Thanks all for the great night.


Becca D said...

You know what'll make you feel more mature? Wearing your underwear (or better yet, your older brother's underwear) on the outside of your clothes. Lol, well, maybe that only works for Waylon. Gall you've got cute nephews!

Ian said...

Please report to Precinct 7 for immediate booking, processing and jailing.

- Boise Police Department

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