Tuesday, April 8, 2008

|anˌtisəˈpā sh ən||ˈnēdē||ˈθa ng kfəl|

anticipation |anˌtisəˈpā sh ən|
the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction

Run Kid Run just released a new single for their upcoming CD that debuts this April 29th. I'm SUPER excited. I love them and their former band Side Walk Slam. Their new CD is entitled "Love At The Core". I read a little about it and it gets me soo excited. The CD is explores the idea that love binds all, the willing and the unwilling. The Core of love is God himself; this is awesome that a band is not ashamed of saying what they believe in and devote an entire album to portraying love.

needy |ˈnēdē|
(of a person) lacking the necessities of life; very poor

I wouldn't consider myself poor, but lacking the necessities of life at the moment. I have been on the go and super busy. I haven't had time to focus on what is important; I now need to get back to the basics: prayer and the Word.

thankful |ˈθa ng kfəl|
pleased and relieved; expressing gratitude and relief

I am now done filming my senior project and a large weight is off my back; I do have to edit it and put the audio to it as well as color correct, but that is all easier than everything building up to now. I couldn't have gotten this project done without the support of my family and friends; I thank you all. Also things were out of my control and I relied on God to take care of them and He came through like He does. thank you all.

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Leo and Jen said...

God is good all the time... and all the time, God is good. We love you and are so proud of you! Can't WAIT to see the film! You're an Emmy award in our book!