Sunday, April 13, 2008

breath of fresh air

today i visited an old friend. i haven't spent much time with her because of many reasons: i've been real busy, weather has hindered me a bit, and just finding enough time to spend is hard to come by sometimes.

when i arrived at her house i wasn't sure what to expect because it has been so long and she's at a new house too. we awkwardly hugged, had our regular salutations, and dove in to catch up. i didn't do much talking, i like to just listen sometimes and let others talk. i was thrown off at first but i quickly got back to normal.

i have been real grateful to have some really good friends and sometimes you get callused or used to having the bar set so high, and the beginning of this visit was a little bit of a let down. i was expecting one thing and the other was occurring. i soon brushed my preconceptions to the side and let myself go and embrace new-ness.

leslie is her name; leslie gulch. she is beautiful and unique in her own way. this friend of mine is nature/outdoors/wilderness/wild/creation/earth and the list goes on. today myself and three others visited a place we've never been and had a good time hiking around and climbing rock structures.

she has rock structures like i have never seen or experienced. it was the hottest day this year, 80's, and it was a tough getting used to it.

the visit was short because the drive was long and other obligations needed to be met; i will return again...real soon.

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andrea said...

thanks for the fun day!