Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break 08

Date: March 16-23

People: Andrew, Matt, Josh, Mikey B, and myself

Where: Page, Arizona (Lake Powell)

What: Kayaking and camping

Why: Why the heck not?!

Drive time: 12 hrs. (one-way)

We left at 7am and got into Page around 7ish and grabbed a nice steak dinner to be our last meal before we went out into the wilderness. Mine was mediocre. We found a little park area in a suburban area to put our tent down and in the middle of the night it rained and then snowed and our tent (which was already a little broken) decided it couldn't hold up the weight of the snow and it started collapsing on us. We were all pretty nervous starting the trip with cold temperatures and snow. We met with Christa to launch the kayaks and off we went.

We've had this thing planned for a long time (basically Freshman year but with a houseboat). We rented kayaks for a week and paddled around this massive man-made lake stopping off wherever we felt like it and enjoying our time with no schedules and no priorities.

We packed up our kayaks which were pretty full once we emptied our packs. We pushed off from Antelope Point or something close to that and started our great trek.

The trip entailed a lot of paddling, sun (70ish), more paddling, and then finding a place to camp where we would watch the sunset (usually climb the tallest hill or canyon to get a great view). It wasn't a crazy trip like last year going from place to place and always being busy, but this was a more chill, relaxing spring break. We were crazy don't get me wrong! We broke out the ol speedos and swam in the water which was frigid, attacked crows who invaded our campsites, skipped rocks galore, started a few fires, and some other stuff.

It was just a good time to hangout with some good friends and take in the beautiful surroundings. I brought a long a book that Nasty Nate let me borrow, On the Road by Jack Kerouac and it is a sweet book. I'm about half way through it and plan on finishing it up soon. So we would read, hike, eat, and stargaze as well as talk.

A good trip. I'm going to leave it at that and not get into everyday stuff which would be lengthy. Enjoy.


Leo and Jen said...

Looks like it was absolutely beautiful!!! LOVING the pictures you took of the scenery! You'll have to go down to Kinko's or something and have those things blown up huge for pictures in your house! Sounds like lots of fun and hopefully relaxing! We are on spring break now.... wishing we were healthy enough to go out on an adventure like yours. Glad you are back safe at the grind.... next step... senior project?! I'll be sending the box tomorrow. Love you!!!

Ian said...

Awesome pics. Looks like a great trip. That bgeard was weaker than I expected! I am pretty sure you can get your back hair transplanted to your face to fill in those gaps.....Love ya