Saturday, March 8, 2008

14,000 ft and falling

Today I partook in a surreal experience of careening through the air for what seemed at the moment to be a lifetime, but eventually came out to be somewhere around 30-45 seconds of free falling. Once I front flipped out of the airplane and got on my belly, I started to soak in the beauty that surrounded me all around. I saw clouds whiz past me and hooted and haulered for the world to hear. I took in Lake Lowell, the mountains behind Boise, Jump Creek area, and all of Caldwell/Nampa. It was a little chilly during the free fall, but it didn't matter because I was SKYDIVING!!!

I heard my partner, Paul, pull the drawstring then felt a slight tug and my harness tightened. We then just glided for moments upon moments taking in the adrenalined filled experience. Paul then pulled on his cords to make us spin around and around, which was a lot of fun and a little discomforting because of the harness, but it was worth it. From there I sat back and let Paul do the steering, away from the highway, away from the helicopters, down to the landing area. We made a very smooth landing, where I basically walked back onto the earth without any problems.

This account is just a fraction of what actually happened; there is so much more that I could not put into words here. A great experience and something I can check off the Life List. Now it just means I've got to conquer the next item on the list...wrestle a live alligator in Louisiana. That's not it but something as exciting...


ian said...

i won't lie,
matt's suit looked pretty gay.

but seriously,
i'm pretty jealous of your guys' experience.

Breyanna said...

Sounds very thrilling.
I wish I could have seen it.

Leo and Jen said...

Sounds like an exhilerating experience! I'm glad the landing wasn't with a splat too! Before you take off on your next adventure, let us know -K? Who was on the ground taking pictures? Love ya!

bobby said...

So this is the skydiving adventure you was telling me NICE:) I hope all is well buddy take care

Bobby Hall