Thursday, March 13, 2008

A night out

Tonight was Andrew's senior recital and let me tell it to you was a great time! The crowd alone was awesome and to top it off Andrew did a phenomenal job playing pieces by our main man Aaron Copland, Johann Bach, Mr. Beethoven, and actually something that Andrew himself whipped up from his own noggin. It was a fun night and props to Andrew for playing a sweet show. I'm just going to say maybe not as great of a show as that one Battle of the Bands competition...oh he knows.

Let me give you some highlights from the concert:
Evan showing up with his study guide
Evan falling asleep and then loudly whispering that he "always falls asleep in these things"
Evan giving Andrew the two handed thumbs up at the end of the recital
Andrew's Grandpa telling me not to whistle or hiss
Breyanna and her whole family there (just funny)
Kit Boone just hanging out and chatting with EVERYONE!!!

So the night wasn't over for some of us; Andrew's family invited Matt and I to come along to Applebees and enjoy in some food. We wouldn't pass up food so we went. I will say that Andrew's Grandpa, Lying Bill, was a hoot. I love chatting it up with old people and let me tell you he enjoyed it too. Here's a short list of what we talked about:

The Globtrotters
Celery commercial
Alaska (the cold, airforce, and cruises)
Elephants in firehouses
Falling down a hill at a golf course

You can't get better than these topics. I truly loved it.


i am from another time said...

two handed thumbs up. won it in my books.

Sister Brains said...

mine too. hightlight.

i died laughing. and evan's face in that moment was priceless.

Sister Brains said...

so BA.

Breyanna said...

my favorite was the bowing.

so hilarious
andrew is such a classy man.

and it wasn't my WHOLE family
it was my little brother and siter and my mom (who escorted my little brother and sister). They play the piano, and have never seen a recitle. It was for inspiration purposes.

and yes, EVAN IS BA!

Leo and Jen said...

Still needing pictures of the beard.

Becca D said...

I agree with leo and jenny, get some pictures up of that "beard" :P