Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fire Theories

Most of you know that part of the Johnson Sports Center was on fire this evening; as Matt, Andrew, and I were walking back from dinner we saw the smoke chugging out of the backside and it was a dark black smoke. Matt said that it was on fire and the skeptic that I am was saying no that can't be, must be just a pile of stuff burning behind the building. We walked to the back and saw the black smoke just billowing from underneath the workout area. We were the first people to the scene, no cops, no fire trucks, just people pulling over and looking confused.

So we watched it all go down, the fire trucks arriving, them throwing rocks through the windows, spraying it down with water, and climbing on top of the building and sawing through stuff. After much time of watching through the fence, a good group of us gathered and started giving explanations for it. They go as follows:

Andrew: Saw a man with a rug and a rag around his head bowing towards the east in front of the scene of the crime.

Matt: Saw a bunch of Albertson's College students running away with glass bottles with rags coming out the tops.

Nate: Kept his pet dragon, Pete, in the swimming pool area and he got a little out of hand. He is sorry and sad now that they had to put down Pete. We will miss you Pete.

All of these are great theories, but here's what I saw: I saw a fire breathing dragon flying away from the gym wearing a turban on his head and an Albertson's College sweatshirt.

Other theories: Joe V was flying in an airplane and dropped a bomb and Cork said a car was underneath it and it caught on fire. All I know is that I thought I saw the fire fighters throwing water balloons; it is a new strategy.

So the real story is that the turf grass was stacked in that area and is highly flammable. There are ideas that it actually may have been arson or electrical. We will find out in good time; from now on I'm not dismissing our theories.


Becca D said...

Crazy. Totally just heard your voicemail and since it was *too late* to call I checked on here to see if you blogged about it. And you had. Way to be predictable :). Awesome.

Sister Brains said...

it weird to see someone else as "becca d"

but... it's a good thing I had my camera phone to document the event.


ian said...

10:00; press conference.

Leo and Jen said...

I'm liking the turbaned dragon in an Albertson's sweatshirt, but it makes me think of the grocery store. Glad nobody got hurt (I'm assuming). Seems kinda' strange that the turf would spontaneously combust being that the factories have to store it some way too. (Haven't heard of any astroturf factories going up in flames lately.) Maybe they keep their turf at sub-zero temperatures. Sounds like an adventure!

i am from another time said...

new password...back in the game

Breyanna said...

You guys are so silly. I guess its arsen and they know who it is. Something about video/pictures. It was like 3-4 people and it wasn't a match or lighter. They brought a small fire to it? Its all hearsay but I was told they were arresting people soon. :/ eep! I still think it was Pete :]