Sunday, March 23, 2008

Poll Results

I know that everyone was just nail biting and rubbing their hands raw to see what would be the result of the "beard poll". I got back from spring break and looked pretty haggard as Andrew and Matt would say. I looked rough and saw the what 3 weeks of growth looked like and thought I'd rather be clean shaven at this moment in time. So this morning I shaved it, the poll showed that 1 person wanted me to shave it, 4 loved it (I think I was one of those), and 2 liked it but said I needed work. It needs work and shaving it all down will help make it grow better the next time. Not the best pic of it but all I have at the moment.


Leo and Jen said...

Being that this is our first observation of the beard (we all wanted to see pictures). Leo says "no way", but I'm seeing the potential. I think less around the neck area... the whole mountain man scruffy neck thing has always grossed me out, but I think a well trimmed beard could look pretty nice! I definitely makes you look older.

The Charles Family said...

i agree...the beard makes you look older! it would probably look better with a little shaping...not so much on the neck...don't want it connecting to the chest hair...GROSS!! either way, with or without the beard you still look handsome!