Sunday, March 9, 2008

A low point

So yesterday when I was getting geared up for skydiving, Matt's tandem guy was just mad dogging me: staring and shaking his head at me. He then said something that really surprised me since I was a complete stranger; "You are the ugliest mother fer I've ever seen." At that moment I tried to brush it off and not let it get me down, but after I got home and was telling of my adventure to Adam and Andrew, I remembered this life damaging remark. I'm not going to let it bring me down.


Leo and Jen said...

Sounds like the guy needs to get his head out of the clouds and open his eyes a little. Besides from an ugly person spews ugliness, and it doesn't sound like he was all that attractive inwardly. (At least with his language and decision to say such things to a stranger.) I'd have to say the spiffy outfits aren't all that becoming on anybody though... maybe he was referring to that. Something to take with a grain of salt one way or another!

The Charles Family said...

First off, give me the guy's name so I can go beat some *ss. Second, you are no Brad Pitt, but if you want a pick me up, just grab a picture of our other brother. That is what I usually do. This world is full of all sorts of people - some great, some terrible and a lot more in between. You have an incredible blend of talent, skill, humor and positive attitude that will take you a lot further than a minimum wage, could die at any minute high school drop-out who jumps out of a plane for a living. Love you big guy.