Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 5: 30 Days of thanks

I am thankful for creation. The clouds have been really impressing me as of lately and seeing Nampa sunsets makes me miss them all the more! The way how intricate plants and trees and pomegranates and the tiny seeds on strawberries or how edamames are a little hairy! I'm thankful for animals in all their different varieties, classes, species, families. How graceful some are and how intimidating others are. I love the ability to partake in creation whether in music or sand castles or snow mans or home made cookies or dumb photographs or nicknames or stories that aren't even true but make your friends laugh! I am thankful that some choose to create life and how beautiful that must be and how amazing when that creation turns into an actual functioning being. It boggles my little creative mind. Today errr maybe like 3 days ago I was but still am thankful for creation.

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