Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 12: 30 Days of thanks

Today I am thankful for generosity. A friend and I were at a used bookstore and I went to throw some trash away and I found a huge bag of day old donuts so I grabbed them! Granted it was the dumpster to DK Donuts. So I texted a few friends asking them if they wanted any and of course they did. We headed to visit another friend at a coffee shop in Boise and I just felt I needed to share this providence so everyone in the coffee shop got a donut or two and then we took to the streets of downtown looking for others to share this sugary goodness with. It was a giving back moment. I am thankful for the generosity so so so so so so so many people have given me through a room to crash in, food to eat, a place to store my belongings, a place to park my car, paying for a bike tune up for me, making me dinner, allowing me to use their internet, giving me a place to duck in out of the cold. So much generosity to accepted and so much to be given. I am thankful to be able to be on the receiving end, but am so glad to be on the giving end.

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Myia said...

I'm thankful that you got to come and fly with me! Only thing...we didn't get a picture of just the two of us! Guess that means you'll have to come fly again with me! Yeah Me!