Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1: 30 Days of Thanks

Thankful for freedom, in all it's forms. Freedom of living with less or with more. Freedom to read whatever, whenever. Freedom to create (art, music, poetry, films, photography, nonsense). Freedom to speak openly about my frustration with the government or big oil or about religion or about how much I love my friends and family. Freedom to travel. Freedom to experience. Freedom to free my thinking from oppressive propaganda. Freedom to protest. Freedom to hope. Freedom of love; to share it, to hide it, to shyly slide it across the table on a note, to be filled with it, to beg for it, to yearn for it, and to live within it. Freedom of expression to wear wonky costumes even if it's not Halloween or spend literally a full day at the movie theater camping out for your favorite film or pasting the back of your car or water bottle with stickers of places you've been or people you support or products you love. Freedom of free will. Freedom to pursue happiness in whatever form you find that to be in. Freedom of diet; eating ice cream for dinner, living off of cereal, eating organic, being dairy free, gluten free, soy free, being vegetarian, or filling your pie hole with pie. Freedom of choice: buy this brand, don't buy that, go here, go there, up, down, right, backwards. Freedom to change. Freedom from sin. Freedom from oppression. Freedom to forgive. Freedom to be forgiven. Thankful for freedom, in all it's forms.

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