Sunday, August 3, 2008

SHOUT out to dad

since i've gotten back from camps i have just been itching to play guitar. one problem with this desire, my guitar is in nampa, idaho which is roughly over 3,000 miles away. so i thought about all my options and they all didn't turn out so i thought, "hey! why don't i go out and just buy a guitar with my credit card, then return it when i leave." well that didn't sit well with me so i passed that off and decided i would spend this time gathering new tabs so when i got back to nampa i would have a bunch of new stuff to play.

so this past week whenever i got the urge to play i would gather tabs; UNTIL today. dad was gone doin some meetings with clients/attorneys and i was upstairs reading. he came up the stairs with the normal "hey, how's your day" and in his hand was a guitar case!!! he heard me asking about mom's old guitar and how i couldn't find it so he talked with our neighbor and apparently they have a new Yamaha acoustic guitar that never gets played and they said i could borrow it.

so i'm just really shocked that dad came through for me on this one. a big surprise. i am thankful for this generous gift so now i am trying to get my callouses back!!!



andrea said...

dads are so awesome.

the other day my dad let me drive his brand new ford truck. i was excited.

Leo and Jen said...

You'll have to do some recording so we can all listen!

Darren said...