Tuesday, August 5, 2008


nate really peaked my interest in a band that i gave a shot once before and didn't appreciate. after listening to a handful of songs by mewithoutYou, i have really come to love aaron weiss' lyrical genius-ness; he talks a lot about Christian things and stories but they are not considered a Christian band because he doesn't want to speak for the entire band since some members are not Christian. aaron is a Christian and i really respect that about him, not pushing that title on his band members because i feel like as Christians we push a little too much and too fast for some people and that drives most away.

if you haven't listened to mewithoutYou, you should. they have a different sound than most bands but i like the uniqueness and imagery derived by his lyrics. also they have an interesting outlook but the basic belief in love (both God and others). it has made me reconsider how i am living my life and how i am using my money and resources.

we need to simplify and lessen ourselves. i need to simplify and lessen myself.

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