Monday, August 11, 2008

17 miles

So today after I went to vote I decided to go for a bike ride; I ended up going over 17 miles. I loved every minute of it and would like to continue doing as much biking as I can. I want to get a bike when I get to Idaho so on the weekends I'd like to go biking somewhere and hopefully bike to work...wherever that is.

Schwinn's forever!


Becca said...

maybe you should bike to moscow.

Leo and Jen said...

Well, that's all we did in Idaho too... but by force. In Idaho watch out because they have those dumb goat heads. I don't know how many times we would get out somewhere and I'd pop my tires and have to ride the rims back home. Talk about MISERABLE!!! So, you are saying I should buy you some handle bar tassles and a little ringer... maybe a horn for your bike? You know all the die hards have them! :)