Saturday, July 12, 2008

Late night bike ride

I rode my dad's bike down to the post office to drop off a package to send back (it was a Wilco shirt, too small guess they gave me a youth large and not just a regular large). Then I decided to bike around my town. It was a good workout.

On my way home, I was passing Wonderland Park, local skate park/playground/etc., and in the driveway like 10 feet away from me was a momma moose drinking from a puddle and two baby moose eating from a little tree. They scared me and I sure scared them; luckily they didn't charge, they trotted back into the woods.

I reached in my jeans to grab my phone to take a picture, but alas my pants were:
a) too tight!
b) not wearing any?
c) just fine, I was just too slow

You take your pick, but I didn't get a picture so I thought the one above was very similar to what I saw. Enjoy.


jm said...

that is so cool. i'm looking forward to my venture north more and more. nice picutre haha. i can't imagine being that close to moose. whats the plural of moose, meese? hmmm...anways good to hear your summer experiences back in the homeland.

peace brother.

andrea said...

to answer joey's question, i believe the plural word for moose is moosen. :]

Leo and Jen said...

Looks like that moose is applying for a tooth paste commercial.