Monday, July 28, 2008

Amazing Because It Is

It has been about 2 weeks since I really sat down and blogged; I have been up at Camp Maranatha being a camp counselor for our Jr. and Sr. High camps. Let me first off saying that this is the exact reason why I came home for the summer.

I had my heart on hiking trips and books to read, but God came and changed it up. I am so glad how He works! I've never been a counselor before so I was a little nervous but God gave me the wisdom and patience as well as some great examples: Witness, Justin, Amber, Corey, Megan.

We had terrible weather this whole month; RAIN RAIN and MORE RAIN. Camp is generally super sunny and beautiful, but we had to make due with what we were given. I really learned to find God's beauty in the rain. This was a time for me to really grow and understand my own faith. God taught me a lot of valuable things during these two weeks and I am not the same person who I was when I started camp.

The two major changes were: don't limit God and what He can do and do not worry but instead rely on the Lord to provide in His time not ours. I have been really stressing about where I'm going to work and where I'm going to live, but I have placed all of my cares, concerns, worries, and plans in God's hands. I am still actively pursuing all that I can, but I am letting God show me open doors and allowing me to see and understand closed ones. Some interesting things happened at our Sr. High camp dealing with a healing service from an Assembly of God's pastor and that really shocked myself and others but it taught me to not limit God and His power. I fully believe God is a healer but I do not believe that everyone has a gift of healing. My eyes were just opened that I have been putting God and His greatness in a box, saying that this is where and what He can do, when in all actuality He can do ANYTHING!!!

The music for Sr. High camp was AMAZING. Todd, admissions counselor from NNU, led worship and God rekindled my desire to play worship music. I put it on hold when mom passed away because I didn't feel like I had the right heart and mindset to praise God when I was so angry and upset with Him. Thinking more about Jr. High camp, the music wasn't what one normally thinks of when thinking about camp music, but Hunter (the speaker and worship leader) showed me that one can worship and praise God in their own unique way. It may be off key, in a weird tempo, or childish, but God wants us to come just as we are, not pretending to be someone we really aren't. He will honor our worship if we come to Him with a sincere heart.

I am super excited to get back to my guitar in Nampa to start playing some music; I have just been gathering tabs like crazy, but have been unable to find a guitar to borrow. I have been listening to a song a lot since I've gotten back from camp by The Almost entitled "Amazing Because It Is". We had an awful talent show at Sr. High camp, but God really showed me this song when a kid, Christian, played it very beautifully. I spent all day yesterday listening to it on repeat.


andrea said...

this is so wonderful and encouraging to read. God is so good, sometimes it just takes us silly humans time to realize it. (i know i'm one of those silly humans, at least.)

good ole' church camp. i miss it.

ian said...


i've been beefing up on the ol' twelve string all summer, and while i am still pretty limited, i have been itching to play and sing with people.

so come home so we can get that going.

Leo and Jen said...


Know that we are praying for you and are glad to see how the Lord is working in you. He is good ALL the time and absolutely AMAZING.... and always most amazing when we least expect it! Don't be worrying about your job stuff or what the future holds.... because it's not the future that holds, but God.

We love you.

Leo and Jen