Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How Great

i've never been one to be very good at reading the Bible, but as of recently i have been really trying daily to read 3 chapters a day and reflect on them. i don't know how i got onto this system, since i have always had trouble with where to read for devotions, but i have 3 bookmarks in my Bible, one in Joshua, one in Ecclesiastics, and the other in Matthew. So I read a chapter from each.

today i read a portion of a chapter in Joshua and was amazed at how great God is. He not only helped the Israelites win a major battle, but He stopped the sun in the middle of the sky and delayed it from going down about a full day (Joshua 10:13b). it is pretty crazy how far God will go to help his children out. stay faithful cause He will help us out of any situation.

live simply.

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Becca said...

so insane.

i've been simplifying.

God is good.

i like your system, i think i'll try it. Blessings to you, friend.