Sunday, April 17, 2011

one and the same/mark twain & alex hackett

my favorite author is mark twain. he was considered to be the funniest person alive. he has traveled the world several times over. he has written some of the best american fiction and funniest nonfiction. i am currently reading mark twain's "following the equator" which is his traveling circuit of lectures; i have read his "roughing it" and absolutely loved it. he has a way of using his words to intricately describe a situation or story that makes it easier on your brain. he inspires me to continue to dream, journey and seek to see new things, as well as find your passion and pursue it with everything you've got. granted we have similarities but alas we have vast differences as well but i thoroughly enjoy his life and written works. just some rambling thoughts of what was going through my head while i was watching a pbs biography of him.

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LarissaMarie said...

gotta love those that inspire us to seek our own adventures! Dream Big!