Friday, April 22, 2011

great words from Watashi Wa/the big silence/observations of the Word

great words from Watashi Wa:
- "In all my days and lessons on the way and no matter what tomorrow brings your all I ever need and some things stay but most just pass away and I am learning to cling not so closely because you're all I need. so take these things off my back with so much wisdom I lack and so today with all I do and say I give all my days to you with all my dreams and the ones I love I pray that you'll keep them with me whatever today brings." - Fepeste

- "Held down, completely, blindfolds of pride are in the way." - Simple Road Less Traveled

- "God's faithful, in everything, don't fear to dream." - Here's to Tomorrow

- "think before you act before you speak." - Here's to Tomorrow

- "lock up pride and throw away key." - At It's Finest

- these are a few of the lyrics that really stick out at this moment and time for me. i love Watashi Wa and am super thankful for their musical abilities. i hope seth roberts doesn't forget his roots. i would have to say that the lyrics to "fepeste" carry the most weight right now. "in whatever state, be content." - phillipians 4:11

the big silence:
i recently watched bbc's "the big silence", a 3 show series about a priest was wanting to implement silence into the lives of 5 people. only 1 out of the 5 actually believed in God at the start and it was shaky at best while a couple of the others grew up in the church as kids then fell away due to deaths in the family and other unfortunate circumstances. basically the priest, christopher jamison, wanted to show these people how important silence is; both in reflecting but as well as meditation. it was really interesting to see these people first start off with a weekend at an abbey going through the regular days of the monks there but then they went home and were challenged to implement silence into their normal schedule and they all failed. after 2 weeks or so, they had an 8 day silent retreat at another monastery. 8 days without communication, other than a daily meeting with their spiritual counselor, is a tough endeavor. only one really stays true the the silence while the others wander off and talk to each other or just flat out, out of defiance speak to others but then they all get sucked into the silence and find some wonderful healing, revelations, and comfort amongst the silence. people who never believed in God started hearing from Him. everyone was expecting to hear from God in one way or the other but He spoke to them or came to them in ways they did not expect. the whole time i was watching this show all i could think about was elijah and how God spoke to him in a still, small voice and not in the crazy wind, earthquake, or fire. the wind, earthquake, and fire are all the great distractions in this world: work, family, music, tv, movies, internet, facebook, sports (hockey), etc. finding time in our busy schedules for silence is necessary and i am trying to implement some time throughout my day to wait and listen for that still, small voice. 

observations of the word:
i just finished reading through the pentateuch at have already shared some of my thoughts and observations already but here are the rest.

- "The Lord makes people with defects holy." 21:23b

- "Moses was the most humble person on the face of the earth." 12:3; who was more humble before Moses?

- God spoke to moses "clearly and not in riddles"

- "Do not cook a young goat in its mother's milk" 14:21 (repeated several times, what is the significance?)

- God lists the foods the Israelites can and cannot eat (Ch.14); God is very specific in the strangest aspects of scripture.

- "There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land." 15:11

- God knew that once the Israelites crossed over the Jordan (without Moses) they were going to fail Him and turn their back on Him even when both God and Moses repeated several times the blessings and curses as well as sending Joshua with them.

- God repeats, repeats, repeats His laws/blessings/curses to the Israelites because He knows they are stubborn headed.

- God reveals the future demise of the Israelites to Moses since Moses is about to die and be buried with his fathers.

Last days of Jesus (Luke 22-24)
- Jesus made the Scriptures known to the disciples as well as the two walking on the road to Emmaus that which pertained about Him. Crazy that Jesus/God just allows us to know things.

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