Friday, April 8, 2011

green living/off the grid/sustainability zzzzbuzzwordszzzz

i have taken the bait. i am hooked, crazed. somewhat fanatical about sustainable living. recently i've watched garbage warrior and off the grid, ever since that's all i've been able to think about when i walk through the torrential downpour or feel the beaming sun. why aren't we taking advantage of this energy, these resources? call me a fanatic, hippie, tree hugger; that's fine. why would someone want to keep paying money to large energy and water companies? prices are only going to rise more. i'm sold on this idea and am trying to conjure up the means to build my own sustainable house when i get back to the states. more research, planning, and of course saving money but this is something i am working up to. granted even remodeling your current house is possible by mounting solar panels and a wind turbine or creating a rain catcher and even building a little greenhouse to grow food as well as a place to put your compost. lots of easy ways to help save money and help the environment.

i want to build an earthship.


Leo and Jen said...

You NEED to talk to our friends Jeff and Odessa. They've been working on all the things you've been talking about. Growing their own food, harvesting their worms, getting rabbits to eat their weeds... eating the rabbits, trading in food, fire stoves for heat, creating all their food from scratch and doing the research on the materials they do buy. It's a LOT of work, but they are doing it. I'm slowly learning myself and we are heading moreso in that direction. Not sure we have the means (time wise) to get as extreme, but would LOVE to. There are actually a LOT of people at our church going in that same direction. Our pastor is that way too-hunts for all his food, grows a good portion of the rest. Most of them have been forced into it due to diabetes or for our friends krohns disease. Really pretty neat though.

Jules and Donal said...
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