Friday, June 27, 2008

heading north

tomorrow i leave to go up to Alaska for a month. i am excited to get out of the house and Nampa. sometimes people need a break to appreciate others. let's see if it works. i am hoping to climb a couple of mountains and hitchhike down to Soldotna as well as work a youth camp and visit my dad and few friends.

everyone keeps asking me "what are you doing after Alaska?", i don't know yet. i have been job hunting but nothing has come up yet, but i have faith that something will come up. why worry?!

i need change right now.


Breyanna said...

life is best lived with no worries.

Alex Hackett said...

you are so right.

Leo and Jen said...

It will be good to get away to alaska. Have a great time. Blog lots of pictures. Oh... and show your dad how to move/store his pictures so we can maybe set up a blog for him. If you will show him the how too's for pictures, I could set one up for him (since it's SOOO easy). It would just be the question as to if he would post to it.