Saturday, June 14, 2008

Europa Trip 2 of 2

Well here is the second installment of our trip. I don't know if you are checking out the map cause I spent time making sure the pictures are were they are supposed to be. You can go to this website to see the slideshow and map:




Matt Gilroy said...

Hey, sweet pics! I like the Frankfurt ones. I didn't realize it's so nice. PS, I've been to that castle in Heidelberg! It's a cool one.

Leo and Jen said...

What can one say but WOW!... and that we are SOOOO jealous! I wonder if we will EVER have the opportunity to go see such amazing things. What a blessing. Great job on the photography too! We were really impressed with the awesome shots and f-stops and all that great stuff! I really liked the graffiti shots... artwork in and of themselves! Everything was just amazing! Thank you for taking the pictures and sharing them with all of us. We want to see al five million more so we can live vicariously through your adventures!!