Monday, June 8, 2009

props to props

(yes the picture is mirrored, i don't have a digital camera at the moment cause i sold it to get a new one)

sunday went to the egyptian theatre downtown boise to watch the "best of i48". learned a lot from that one screening; i48 isn't really a legitimate film festival but more of a hodgepodge film festival where numerous awards are thought of and handed out to the teams to make the masses feel good about their "films". granted there were some good videos, but for the most part they were pretty hard to watch.

you probably sense some upseted-ness (maybe a word, most likely not), but glad i partook in this experience and would do it again next year. we won best use of prop (we used dice); an award nonetheless. it seemed like no team won multiple awards like you would see at the academy awards but one team won best picture while another won best cinematography and another won best screenplay. the one that won best picture deserved it; it looked good and it had a decent story but at least we could have gotten a second place but since we used the props so well in our film we won best props making us basically ineligible to take another award.

i will be the first to admit that our film lacked substance and story structure but i was really pulling for the best cinematography award cause i felt like ours looked the best out of any video there. o-well, we roll with the punches and i hope to be getting my new GH1 dslr camera this month so i can start shooting my own shorts.

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