Monday, June 1, 2009


this past weekend my work participated in i48 which is Idaho 48 hour film festival; at 6p.m. on friday we got a packet with our genre (action/crime), prop (dice), character (gene/jean parker, musician), and dialogue ("see if it makes sense, when you read it aloud"). we brainstormed for a handful of hours friday night and finally came to a consensus that we were going to do a kidnapping/torture/serial killer short. we obtained a sweet location to shoot in for the main scenes and a group went out to shoot a scene that evening.

friday evening shoot:
my friend joey and i went back to nampa to sleep so we could be ready for working all day saturday, so we weren't at this shoot. basically our stand-in actor (not our main actor) was chasing a girl on the street and was supposed to grab her, but they tangled up in eachother's feet and ben, the stand-in, smashed his knee and tore his tdl and blacked-out. so that wasn't a strong start for us....

saturday shoot:
loaded gear at 9 a.m. and started setting up lights and set dressing by 9:20ish. i was dp (cinematographer) and 1st ad (1st assistant director); so i setup all the lights and helped setup camera shots. i am very proud of my lighting and can see my skill enhancing and being more comfortable with it. my friend joey helped setup lights for me and he ran audio; it was nice having him there since we were the only ones to have been on real film crews before. we shot a bar scene, torture scene, and a parking garage scene all before 6 p.m. i was very surprised with how well our team/crew got along and cooperated. i went home to watch the Wings game and i was going to go back to edit, but they had enough people.

went in at 9:30ish a.m. to fine tune edit, add sfx, and add a sound bed. we finished the film by 5:45 and had to turn it in by 6:07p.m. so after we turned it in i went home to relax and watch yet another Red Wings victory!

here's a low-res video of it. i'm going to put a higher quality one up by the end of this week, we aren't supposed to be posting it places, so don't get me in trouble.


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tricia. said...

this looks great. i always find such joy in seeing my friends' names in the credits. i also must say that i especially liked the lighting on the torture scenes where it was coming up through the grated desk. top notch stuff.