Saturday, November 1, 2008

Missed Opportunities

- Dressing up in my pumpkin suit and going to work on Halloween
- Carving pumpkins
- Having candy for trick-o-treaters (I had an opened bag from work)
- Saying something witty when it counts
- Having a quarter to give to a homeless man at Burger King

There have been some things this Halloween that I missed out on. There is always next year...for some things. I need to keep my eyes open for opportunities.


Leo and Jen said...

Are these things you did... or didn't do?

Leo and Jen said...

Ah... let's just revisit the pumpkin suit.... mmm that brings back great thoughts of an incredibly embarrassing picture we have of you. I might have to go find it and stare at it for a while.

.... although for you.... it's probably not as embarrassing as it should be!

Alex Hackett said...

those are things that i should've done. i gave my pumpkin suit to a friend who is still going to nnu and thought he'd put it to more use than i would now.