Monday, November 10, 2008

200th post...

a lot has happened since i started this blog and i can tell that i am growing up into an adult. there has been a lot going on and i am going to fill this 200th post with that stuff...

Ode to Matty:
it saddens me to say that my dog, Matty, is getting put to sleep. she is old and is not in the best state of life and i don't want her to suffer. i find it interesting how attached we get to our pets; i sort of thought she'd live forever in a sense. i am going to miss her lots and she was a great dog. she could sense when you had a rough day and would comfort you; she was the perfect dog to lounge with cause she would sleep on top of you and even under the covers. i don't know what Jerry is going to do now all alone but i know he'll miss her too.

1st Christmas:
this is the first Christmas where i won't be spending it with my dad in my 22 year old life; i will be spending it with Ian, Jamie, and the kids and maybe/hopefully Leo and Jenny so that will be nice. it is a weird feeling, but i knew this time would happen someday, but thought it would be later rather than sooner.

this past weekend i spent a long long time with my good friend the bathroom; i got food poisoning from Subway. i laid in our extremely small bathroom floor a whole night till morning in one of my most miserable states EVER. i am still queezy in the stomach but am at least not throwing up anymore. this is something i hope to not go through again; it was bad.

just the other day myself and 3 other friends went in together to purchase a Ukranian 16mm film camera so we could start shooting our own short films. we are very excited for this opportunity and surprised how cheap we got the camera. i have been really wanting to get into shooting and especially film, so here we go.

every time there is a major post i have to say something about my Mom and how influential she has been on my life. i would be lying to all of you if i said i was having an easy time, but as of lately she has been on my mind more and more. probably because it is because i am growing up and having to make difficult decisions for myself and i know that if she was here i would seek her counsel and advice first. i know i have my family and so many friends to be able to talk to but it is not the same. Mom and i were extremely close and i miss that relationship so much. i would call her for ideas of what to get people for Christmas; how to do certain household tasks, and we'd even talk about the Matty and Jerry like they were actual people. i remember Mom and Leo would do a puzzle every Christmas time and one year i took a piece to make sure i finished the puzzle cause i am not patient enough to do puzzles and Mom was looking for the piece high and low. there are certain people that i talk to or see bring up a memory of mom and one of them is a guy named Justin Wadsworth who was the youth intern for the Soldotna church and is now the RD for Culver here at NNU. I go over there to visit my friend Evan a lot and Justin and I talk about his summer up in Alaska and how Mom hiked Res Trail with all of us young kids. Mom was an amazing person and she is dearly missed...


Ian said...

Great post little bro. It was time for Mattie to head out - no dog should live that long without teeth. It just aint right. I will have a puzzle ready for you at the house. Cant wait to see you, talk about old times, have some laughs and create new memories. Love you.


The Charles Crew said...

Wonderful post, alex!! not a day goes by that i don't think of "mom". you are an amazing man and your mom would be so proud of all the growing up you've done!! we are all looking forward to celebrating Christmas with you!! be ready to wake up early for santa!!

Zach and Laura said...

Such a good post. It was really heart felt and it makes me miss the important people in my life too.

On a different subject... according to your numbers on your posts... this is not the 200th... unless I am wrong.

Ether way, I have been thinking about you lately and I miss you man.

alex said...

it's good to remember the important people in our life.

this is the 200th post, when i log in it tells me how many posts i've done.

miss you too zach.

Leo and Jen said...

Hmmm...where to begin? It is so wonderful to see that mom's legacy, in Christ, lives on. I am sure there are busy days when I don't think of her and then I do and I feel ashamed. But I know she is in a better place, getting the hot chocolate ready, with a puzzle, with lots of handmade cards on the mantle, with a great big smile on her face, ready to sit and talk for hours. What a blessing and hope we have that we will see her again. Know that you are loved and we are super excited to see you, Ian, Jamie, and the kids this Christmas.


Leo and Jen

ljh said...

I'm glad you can talk of mom. I'm so saddened for my kids and their families not to mention all our friends and hers!! I'm sitting here bawling like a baby at your loss....Love DAD