Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Something for Now

This week I started working at FOX channel 12 as a part-time production crew member. I shoot the evening news; man the main camera (CAM 2) and I will be trained to use the teleprompter, graphics generator, and audio sound board. This is alright experience for the time that we work.

Basically I get to work and play UNO/watch TV for an hour until we head down to the studio to go through our camera scripts and mark our shots; then the show usually starts then right when the news is over we cover the cameras, shut off the lights, and head home.

I am still looking for other work, either to add another job or replace it with something more full-time.

P.S. I haven't really felt up to blogging lately so bear with me. I've been riding my bike A LOT for some exercise since gym memberships are so stinking expensive for me right now. That's all for now.


andrea said...

that's so great, alex! (and a lot better than wells fargo.)

Leo and Jen said...

We're glad you got the job. It will look great on the resume and who knows maybe something else will come of it. We are proud of you Al! Keep just putting it all in His hands and all will be okay! He is good ALL the time!

Glad you aren't rotting away on a couch somewhere too..... even if you did have to walk your bike back... and almost have an "adventure" on the side of the road. The words bike blow-out take on new meaning. (hehe)

thefamousnic said...