Sunday, November 11, 2007

HD Project

Hi everyone!
So for my Cinematography class, we were given a short piece of music and were told to evoke emotion. So I fumbled around with a lot of different ideas, all really good but not long enough to fit the whole song so I thought some more. Then one night I listened to the song about 30 times and wrote out a little story. It's about a soldier who is wounded and is just waking up from being unconscious on the ground. While he checks his bullet wound, there are a few "bombs" going off near him. This is the first time we've worked with special effects/explosives and it actually turned out really neat. Through the complication of the sun setting, I had a couple parts of the film in which I don't really love the lighting but it still works. Here's some pics of the shoot. Enjoy!

This is my friend Adam who was my soldier. He's not an actor but my other friend, Matt, had to work but Adam did a good job.

Here I am putting fake blood on his "bullet wound" on his shoulder.

Here's a closer picture of the wound.

Here I am setting up the camera for a shot of Adam coming to.

Here is one of the explosions that occurred...kinda close.

This is the aftermath of it.

Adam and I

Filming the last shot.

More explosions.

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The Charles Family said...

wow, alex....looks like you are doing some great projects. can't wait to see the finished film!! whoever took the pictures did a great job too, i really like the 3rd to the last one(great color and positioning)!! the boys can't wait to see you in 2 weeks, easton has a ton of things he wants to do with you(take to you rain forest cafe, play outside, play dress up...)just wait, you'll leave here exhausted!!