Monday, October 22, 2007

Just To Be With You

Hello Everyone,
I don't know if you've gotten a chance to see the short film that some friends and I made a couple weeks ago for Apple's Insomnia Film Festival. It was a 24 hour film festival where we have to think of an idea, shoot it, edit it, and submit it within 24 hours. The 3 minute film is about a blind guy and his deaf girlfriend who are going to the movies because they want to get out of the house and just spend time together. It was a lot of fun and good work. We have a friend who works at the local movie theater and we got in before it opened and we set-up our two scenes, the entrance and the theater. Then we shot for 6 straight hours! We had a bunch of our friends come out and be extras which was nice on short notice. I really like the point of view shots of the guy, who is blind, so he doesn't see much other than darkness but he has great hearing while his girlfriend, who is deaf, hears muffled sounds but has great vision. But my favorite part of the shoot was when we set-up the lighting for the movie theater; since the actual movie projector didn't reflect a lot of light onto the crowd, we had to make it up. So I set-up a couple of lights and we just moved colored gels in front of them. It was a lot of fun. So tell your friends and family and coworkers to check out "Just To Be With You" by JARRA Films on Apple Insomnia Film Festival. Here is a link...I hope it works:

Thanks again!

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The Charles Family said...

hey alex, to upload video, when you go to post a new blog there is the picture symbol to upload pictures and then next to that there is a film reel symbol, just click that and you can browse your computer for the film. hope that helps let me know if not.