Monday, July 9, 2012

Presidential Candidate Social Responsiveness

After seeing in the news that both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama's campaigns have collectively raised well over $300 million dollars, I was wondering what all this money is going to, so I did some checking on various news agencies and websites about previous elections and where all the money went. Basically it breaks down into travel costs, media advertisement, administrative costs, pollings & surveys, postage & shipping costs, as well as charitable donations (granted all of these findings are based off of Obama's 2008 election numbers but still applicable today). Out of all of the hundreds of millions of dollars raised ($750 million) only $130,000 went to charitable donations. How sad is this, and it isn't just the Obama campaign, but ALL of the campaigns!

The Obama campaign raised well over $750 million dollars in 2008 and is raising more for this coming November; why are Romney and Obama not using this money towards helping the American people like they adamantly claim they want to do when they enter office? All of this money could go towards helping others through distributing the funds to nonprofits, charities, shelters, food banks, alcoholics anonymous, suicide hotlines, free health clinics, summer school programs, habitat for humanity, and the list could go on and on. Not only would this be helping the very people who will be voting to put them into office, but would help serve the American public well before they enter office (if they win).

Wouldn't this help the basic human needs of food, clothing, shelter, health, education? Wouldn't this create jobs? Create a creative and helpful alternative to the bickering through ad campaigns and news programs? Would this not show somewhat of the character  each candidate has through which organizations they choose to give? Wouldn't this create great press for each candidate and allow them to put a real human connection to their campaign? Couldn't they still be able to state their agenda/beliefs while helping others instead of shameless self-promotion?

All of this is possible, but it means using the very voice you have as a voter; each candidate has a contact page on their campaign websites that allow you to e-mail each candidate suggestions/comments. I have e-mailed both, stating all of the above and challenging them to take this bold new move to change how to run an election. Below are the links to their contact pages. 

*We need to be creative, proactive, and peaceful to get things accomplished because the current system is a mess and only through actively voicing our concerns and suggestions will we be able to create any difference. 

Barack Obama Contact Page -
Mitt Romney Contact Page -
Barack Obama's 2008 Campaign Expenditures -
2012 Campaign Money Race -

"Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better. 
- Martin Luther King Jr."

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