Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the last year

time is constant and so goes another year. much has happened and much continues to happen. i lived in peru, i volunteered, i watched movies, i notched another wonder of the world off my list, i wrote music, i contracted giardiasis, i visited alaska, i read books, i hung out with family, i visited national parks, i listened to music, i drove through canada, i visited idaho, i packed my belongings, i moved, i started working. i made big decisions, i failed some, accomplished others, and learned from all. everyone always asks, "what's your next big adventure?" and i say to them " i don't know, something always seems to come about" but i always have ideas and longings. an adventure comes in many forms, some more glamourous than others but all the while you are adventuring through life whether you know it or not. you can adventure through the mundane, the busyness, the new, the old, or right where you've been all along. i am weary, i am nervous, i am excited for what comes next.

books i read: c.s. lewis' the great divorce & a grief observed, thoreau's walden, bunyan's the pilgrim's progress, twain's tramp abroad traveling the equator, shane claiborne's jesus for president, and robert hurst's the cyclist manifesto. probably my favorite book that i read would have to jesus for president which i wrote a little review of my thoughts early last year. good luck finding it.

movies i watched: too many, way too many. look back at my list that i watched in peru then add lots more but i want to highlight a few of my favorites: werner herzog's encounters at the end of the world & cave of forgotten dreams, all the harry potters, garbage warrior, carlos pt's 1-3, catfish, alone in the wilderness, the beatles documentary, 2001 a space odyssey, melancholia, and the tree of life. i could list  so many more but these where the ones whether they came out last year or not were the ones that i really enjoyed and felt moved while watching them. my favorite would be hands down the tree of life which deserves a blog post by itself but i do not need to add to the overflowing amounts of blogs and articles that have been written about it. it is one of the most beautiful movies i've ever seen and such a moving film with not much narrative. the more i read and learn about the film i am continued to be amazed at how amazing terrence malick is as a director.  

music i listened to: as i mentioned above, i listened to a lot of music in peru and still listening to all of it but the bands that stick out the most would be george harrison, akron/family, sufjan stevens, holy weak, mickey the jump, avett brothers, and of course fleet foxes. fleet foxes was my favorite album of this past year. it is my most played album and most played songs. they captured what really worked for them in their previous albums and somehow made it all more amazing. i can't praise that album enough.

i have made many new friends and enjoyed wonderful memories with family. i am continually reminded how blessed i am and how everything will be alright. excited to see what ebbs and flows come from this new year.

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Leo and Jen said...

haven't seen a post on here for a while. Glad you put something else up.... and you're so right, life IS full of adventure it just depends on how you see the adventure and what you do through it.