Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another 6 months

Today is day 3 of living in Cusco, Peru; I moved here for 6 months to volunteer my time and energy at a cafe called "The Meeting Place" which gives 100% of its profits to 3 local Peruvian ministries: an orphanage, after school program, and farm/medical clinic.  Me and four friends are down here giving ourselves to good work. Even though I've been here only 3 days, I'm really loving it; Cusco is a great city with tons of history, mountains, a very relaxed culture, and wonderful people. As well as working in the cafe, we will be leading a few backpacking trips in the mountains with local youngsters, working at the orphanage, after school program, farm/medical clinic, and a soccer (football) ministry. Very excited to see how I grow and stretch these next 6 months. Will have lots of pictures, videos, and stories to share. I am going to try and keep this blog going but so far it's been tough. So you can check out my pictures here: you can also follow our Cusco blog here:


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