Thursday, February 25, 2010


this is an experimental video that my friend, Rob, and I made for an art show that my friend, Chris, put on in his apartment a couple weeks ago. it was a lot of fun to make and this isn't even what we started out to shoot, very awesome to see how the idea transformed into this one organic video. then tonight, started an art show at the brandt center at nnu and the guest artist asked me to show it so it is on show.

the easiest way for me to tell people what the video is about is saying that it is a continuation of the lens. basically we used 2 video cameras to tell one free flowing spontaneous video to give the viewer different perspectives.

a lot of people have enjoyed it and have said some very kind things. i honestly didn't think it would have such a positive impact on people but i am glad that something i have made has inspired and in some cases blew people's minds. here is a link of it down below so check it out.


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