Sunday, January 10, 2010

vlogs from Iceland

Bus Stop - Nate and I waiting for our bus to Selfoss, this is right before we met our good friend Magnus. This was the day after Iceland's national holiday where everyone goes down to the Vestmannaeyjabaer Island and celebrates. Magnus was a great guy and he talked with us for hours and answered all of our questions then showed us around his home town of Hveragerði. This town is also where we met our other great friend, Vilhajalmur Roe, who's parents own the gas station where we ate many pilsurs and he also gave us his bands CD, which i really enjoy so check out his band: Hitakutur

Eyrarbakki - Nate and I eating dinner on the coast. We threw up our tent on the beach reeds. A wonderful old town.

Gysir - Nate and I at Gysir, part of the Golden Circle.

Bus to Akureyri - Nate and I on the bus from Reykjavik to Aukureyri.

Sea Scout - On our bus from Reykjavik to Akureyri this Icelandic hero sat behind me and just cracked us up so this is him at a bus stop.

Bus to Akureyri - Me and flat Stanley vlogging a ways past Akureyri. Nate is in the tent.

Lake Myvatn - Nate and I at Myvatn which is in northern Iceland. We're just chilling. A wonderful lake surrounded by volcanic craters, big and little ones.

Joksularon - Joksularon, Iceland basically ice chunks that fell off the glacier. This glacier takes up a third of the country! It reminds me of what Portage Glacier was like back in the day.

Eating Ice - Nate and I at Joksularon, we wanted to taste the ice so we did!

Skaftafell National Park - Nate and I at the base of the glacier at Skaftafell. We got a ride from Joksularon right off the bat then got dropped off 2 km from the park and it started raining super hard so we took refuge here.

Skaftafell National Park Waterfall - Nate and I hiked up a waterfall at Skaftafell National Park. Looking out from the top.

Hiking a Glacier - Nate and I on top of a glacier at Skaftafell National Park. This is the same glacier as the previous video and the one at Joksularon! It was our first time ever hiking on a glacier, it was amazing!

Waiting on Crater - Nate and I waiting for a cloud to pass over us so we could hike to the top of the crater on Vestmannaeyjabaer Island. Yeah we look very haggard and tired but it was so worth the effort to make it to this island and to the top of the crater. We were close to the top but a large cloud was just hanging around for about an hour so we decided to wait it out.

Top of the Crater - Nate and I on top of the crater on the Vestmannaeyjabaer Island. After an hour waiting, it finally cleared up and we could see the whole island. Truly one of my favorite views of the whole trip.

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Claggett Creek's Art Department said...

I enjoyed watching your video's from the trip. Looks like an amazing place!