Tuesday, May 26, 2009

anyone say rematch?

(me after the wings beat the ducks in game 7; i was celebrating for the rest of the night, literally)

so hopefully everyone is following the Stanley cup playoffs because the Wings are doing great...duh! so they are 1 win away from going to the championship where they will probably face the penguins. anyone remember last year's cup finals???? wings vs. penguins. won the cup in 6 games? well i feel like it will be a repeat.

every time i watch there games i put on my sergi federov jersey, grab my Wings cup, and pound, scream, beat the drums, and yell at the tv. i am very passionate about hockey and have had to miss some opportunities because it is more important for me to watch it. (sorry to those peeps who got passed up by hockey)

i just remember where i was a year from now, getting online at some sketchy internet cafe in europe hoping and praying that the wings won their game. i'd watch the game highlights and read the articles before i'd do anything, even write e-mails to my family. (sorry family)

i wish i was back in europe wandering around downtown amsterdam at 3a.m. looking for anyplace that would have the stanley cup game on. sadly i never found a place there and i guess that's the bright side of this story, i get to watch it this year.

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