Sunday, December 7, 2008

festivas for the rest of us

so this saturday night my house got decorated for Christmas. two friends of mine, Lia and Amanda, came over to help me get the house in a festive mood. so we spent the evening listening to Sufjan Christmas (which if you don't have it, then you are missing out on some of the best Christmas music EVER). it is basically all decorated except i need to find a tree topper, so hopefully this week i will stop by thrift stores to try and find just the right one. enjoy the pics.


Leo and Jen said...

Two girls decorated your house?! That's almost as good as a proposal. Snag them up quick!

Ps. what is that... a picture of a camel wearing a hat? It scares me on multiple levels!

Alex Hackett said...

Carl is our third roommate; he's a lover not a fighter.

ian said...

i don't know who those people are, but they did a nice job.

you should give them a pat on the back for me.

p.s. i think i might come over this weekend.

Becca said...

the whole girls decorating your house sounds like a sophomore girls thing to do. oh wait, those days are over.

moving on i see.